How Long I Have Been On My Journey

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grad School and Applied for a Job Today!!!

I haven't applied for a job in over two months. I forgot what it felt like. I actually applied for a seasonal job in the mall last week. I haven't heard anything back from them. I do now know if I ever will, lol. But I am back on the grind looking for another job because I rather not be at this job in January. I am glad that I have a job, but I am only getting two hours a day. I rather just find something full time with a full time pay. This job that I applied to today is for a case manager position. I am not quite sure what it embarks, but it is offering 30,000 bucks a year, so I decided to at least apply for it. I found it in the paper. There was another job in the paper, but I decided not to apply for the job because it had too many grammatical errors in the job posting. It seemed a little suspect, so I decided not to try for that one.

Grad school started last night for me! Boy, was I excited, until I opened the syllabus and started looking at the assignments, lol. Now, I am like give me strength!!!!! Nevertheless, I am grateful to be in school. I do not have my books yet, but I cannot wait until I get them so that I can really start doing what I got to do to finish and finally become productive...and get a good job, lol.
Not too much to report on right now. Until next time...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Job Opportunity!!!

Before you get your hopes up thinking that I am going to get hired in the next couple of months, WRONG! LOL! But I will elaborate what is going on. Well, I was approached by this young girl and she told me that her aunt wanted to talk to me. The young girl is one of my co-workers at my little job that I have. I told her that I would get in touch with her aunt soon, just wondering what she would want. When I finally get in touch with her, she tells me that she is retiring in a year, and she would like for me to take over her job.
SAY WHAT?! Let me bring you up to speed. Ok, this woman is a family and consumer science teacher, others may know it as Home Ec. LOL. Yes, a home ec teacher. Due to a series of deaths in her family, she is ready to retire. Another thing that stops her from retiring is that if she retires without a replacement on hand, the program will close indefinitely at the school. She doesn't want that to happen, so she is searching for her replacement right now.
WHY ME? Well, she remembers how much I loved to sew. Also, her niece has talked about how I have made lots and lots of earrings and brought them to the school where I work now and sell them. Her niece recommended me for a replacement, and her aunt jumped at the opportunity to talk to me and see where my head was at about coming aboard.

OK, Education is not where I want to retire from, but  I always find myself here, tutoring someone, assisting someone. My mom regrets that I did not get my degree in education, but that is not where my heart is. My heart is in the medical field, and my interest is in the counseling-slash-therapy-slash-rehab field. I believe that my heart is with more of mental, social and psychological rehabilitation, rather than the actual physical therapy. I believe that I can scratch physical therapy off of my list. BACK TO HOME EC, being that I do not have a job right now, I would love to work somewhere, and Home Ec isn't traditional education. I would actually have fun in this field. I could have the kiddies doing all kinds of wonderful things. HOWEVER, I do not see myself doing five years in this program. So I am ironing out a map in my head about what I am going to do. I have time. She isn't going to retire tomorrow, so I am going to really let it marinate, BUT I will keep you all posted.
Until next time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grad School Update!!!

Yes, this is a grad school update post. I am writing this post because I am so grateful for what has taken place in my life. Some of you may already know the story: how I applied to the nearest grad school near my house, only to be denied. Yes, it was heartbreaking. I even cried. I was beyond disappointed.

I applied to another grad school immediately after I was denied from my first school, and I was accepted. WHOO HOO! But that is old news. The sad part about this was that I was late about applying and that I could not start school until January 2013. I was grateful, BUT I knew I was going to be bored out of my mind. So, I started trying to find things that would make the time go by faster, lol.

Well, today, I was calling the school I was accepted to, just to make sure that I was going to start registering for the spring classes on time. The woman on the other end told me that the official spring schedule was not out yet, BUT if I wanted to I COULD REGISTER FOR CLASSES THIS SEMESTER. I am like, "Are you sure?" She told me to register and get an early start on things. So, GUESS WHAT? I am officially registered to start grad school THIS YEAR, THIS MONTH. I have twenty days until I begin grad school classes. I am so grateful. I am so thankful. I am so blessed. Words cannot express my happiness. I was once very sad and felt very lost because things did not go the way I had planned for it to happen. But the Lord had other plans and I am grateful for the plan He has for me.