How Long I Have Been On My Journey

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grad School and Applied for a Job Today!!!

I haven't applied for a job in over two months. I forgot what it felt like. I actually applied for a seasonal job in the mall last week. I haven't heard anything back from them. I do now know if I ever will, lol. But I am back on the grind looking for another job because I rather not be at this job in January. I am glad that I have a job, but I am only getting two hours a day. I rather just find something full time with a full time pay. This job that I applied to today is for a case manager position. I am not quite sure what it embarks, but it is offering 30,000 bucks a year, so I decided to at least apply for it. I found it in the paper. There was another job in the paper, but I decided not to apply for the job because it had too many grammatical errors in the job posting. It seemed a little suspect, so I decided not to try for that one.

Grad school started last night for me! Boy, was I excited, until I opened the syllabus and started looking at the assignments, lol. Now, I am like give me strength!!!!! Nevertheless, I am grateful to be in school. I do not have my books yet, but I cannot wait until I get them so that I can really start doing what I got to do to finish and finally become productive...and get a good job, lol.
Not too much to report on right now. Until next time...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Job Opportunity!!!

Before you get your hopes up thinking that I am going to get hired in the next couple of months, WRONG! LOL! But I will elaborate what is going on. Well, I was approached by this young girl and she told me that her aunt wanted to talk to me. The young girl is one of my co-workers at my little job that I have. I told her that I would get in touch with her aunt soon, just wondering what she would want. When I finally get in touch with her, she tells me that she is retiring in a year, and she would like for me to take over her job.
SAY WHAT?! Let me bring you up to speed. Ok, this woman is a family and consumer science teacher, others may know it as Home Ec. LOL. Yes, a home ec teacher. Due to a series of deaths in her family, she is ready to retire. Another thing that stops her from retiring is that if she retires without a replacement on hand, the program will close indefinitely at the school. She doesn't want that to happen, so she is searching for her replacement right now.
WHY ME? Well, she remembers how much I loved to sew. Also, her niece has talked about how I have made lots and lots of earrings and brought them to the school where I work now and sell them. Her niece recommended me for a replacement, and her aunt jumped at the opportunity to talk to me and see where my head was at about coming aboard.

OK, Education is not where I want to retire from, but  I always find myself here, tutoring someone, assisting someone. My mom regrets that I did not get my degree in education, but that is not where my heart is. My heart is in the medical field, and my interest is in the counseling-slash-therapy-slash-rehab field. I believe that my heart is with more of mental, social and psychological rehabilitation, rather than the actual physical therapy. I believe that I can scratch physical therapy off of my list. BACK TO HOME EC, being that I do not have a job right now, I would love to work somewhere, and Home Ec isn't traditional education. I would actually have fun in this field. I could have the kiddies doing all kinds of wonderful things. HOWEVER, I do not see myself doing five years in this program. So I am ironing out a map in my head about what I am going to do. I have time. She isn't going to retire tomorrow, so I am going to really let it marinate, BUT I will keep you all posted.
Until next time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grad School Update!!!

Yes, this is a grad school update post. I am writing this post because I am so grateful for what has taken place in my life. Some of you may already know the story: how I applied to the nearest grad school near my house, only to be denied. Yes, it was heartbreaking. I even cried. I was beyond disappointed.

I applied to another grad school immediately after I was denied from my first school, and I was accepted. WHOO HOO! But that is old news. The sad part about this was that I was late about applying and that I could not start school until January 2013. I was grateful, BUT I knew I was going to be bored out of my mind. So, I started trying to find things that would make the time go by faster, lol.

Well, today, I was calling the school I was accepted to, just to make sure that I was going to start registering for the spring classes on time. The woman on the other end told me that the official spring schedule was not out yet, BUT if I wanted to I COULD REGISTER FOR CLASSES THIS SEMESTER. I am like, "Are you sure?" She told me to register and get an early start on things. So, GUESS WHAT? I am officially registered to start grad school THIS YEAR, THIS MONTH. I have twenty days until I begin grad school classes. I am so grateful. I am so thankful. I am so blessed. Words cannot express my happiness. I was once very sad and felt very lost because things did not go the way I had planned for it to happen. But the Lord had other plans and I am grateful for the plan He has for me.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

A few updates, nothing special

If you do not know, I am working at my old job. It get about 12 hours a week. I get paid once a month. It isn't much, but this is where I am at right now. I still haven't heard anything from the people I interviewed for. Not one job. The jobs that promised to contact me regardless has failed to let me hear anything, regarldess of good or bad news. Ehh. I am at a standstill at the moment. However, I have received a pay check for the first time in two months. That was exciting. I almost forgot how that felt. Sadly, this little money has to last me until the next paycheck, October 31st. Heartbreaking, right? I work with an after school program. I work 2 and a half hours a day. I get only two hours on Friday. As of right now, this is my means of income right now. These few checks will be going towards Christmas presents (I have started Christmas shopping last week). So, other than seeing bright smiles on that glorious day in December, I will not see anything for myself until the first of the year.

I have agreed to work this job up to December. Because of my promise, I cannot pick up any other job in fear that it may conflict with this job. There are field trips planned from time to time, so I have to be available for those hours. I rather not mess a "good" thing. It is great that I have something, but I wish I was making waaaaay more money. However, this job grants me two great job references that I cannot allow myself to throw away. So I go to work, do my job, do my job well. I have a great attitude. I work with the children to the best of my ability. In the end, the money may not be what I want, but that is two job references that I have a clear mind about putting on my resume.

I am still not in school. I cannot wait until January. I will have work to do. I will be taking classes. Since the summer has been over, I have fallen into this mundane routine. I wake up, eat a small amount, watch a lot of tv, clean up, go to work for 2 hours, come home, watch more tv, eat a little more, go to sleep. That is my life. I am quite bored with it and I am ready for a change. That is why I cannot wait until school starts. Not only will I be taking grad school classes, but I am trying to take some science classes at a community college. I am too excited. There are days where I want to wish all of this free time away and get right into my classes and continuing with my life.

For some bad news, I am not opening my store like I have planned on. There have been a few personal issues that I have been trying to take care of at home. There is so much going on. I cannot elaborate on any of it right now, but all I can say that the events that have taken place lately have caused me to commit ALL of  my attention to it, none towards opening and expaning my "business". There will be a blog in the near future that will explain EVERYTHING that I am going through right now. But until then, I have to put a few things aside until a later date, one being the store. I am so sad. :(

To keep my mind off of the fact that I am not where I promised myself I will be at, I have been doing alot of mind-numbing web surfing. It is great to move your hand on an object that can practically take you anywhere. After doing lots and lots of random google searches, I stumbled upon This website alerts you of all of the arts and crafts fair, festivals and bazaars in an area near you. Well, me being addicted to arts and crafts, I have decided to scribble down a few that were near me. In the end, I wrote down 8 events that are taking place near me. However, I  decided that I am going to at least 5. I want to see what these vendors look like and how they do things. I want to see how these shows work. Maybe one day, I can build the courage up to be a vendor myself one. I cannot wait, The first one will be in October. I have marked them all down in my calendar. I am going to take plenty of notes. Maybe this will help me to decide whether or not I should keep my hobby a simple hobby or share my love with the world.

My dreams have hit a rough patch right now; I have been knocked down.
When I am knocked down, its their fault.
If I stay down, its my fault.
So, I am slowly getting back up on my feet.
Until next post...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Subtle Update

It has been a while since I have wrote on here. I haven't forgot about this blog, only that I have nothing to report on, lol. I went back working my old job. I only get 12 hours a week. It isn't much, but I do have something to work with. I will probably work this job until December, because I have committed to this term. But I am looking for other work. I may get 2 1/2 hours a day. The rest of the day, I am not doing squat. I was working on my Spanish. However, I was hit with a personal burden for some weeks, so I haven't been on my Spanish in about two weeks going on three. However, I am back on it, effectively tomorrow. I may not have anything to do, but I am not going to let this free time pass me by without having something to show for it. Wouldn't it be a shame if I had all of this time on my hands and did nothing with it? I would feel like an absolute loser. LOL. I have also considered going to the high school I graduated from an offering my volunteer services by tutoring for the graduation exam, or the exit exam. It would be good for the soul and a great resume booster, right?

As far as the job search, I have looked online and in the newspapers. I haven't found anything. I would think there would be somthing, but there is absolutely nothing I qualify for. I haven't heard back from my very last job interview. I have had people contacting me about selling insurance for several different companies, but they are commission-based income. I rather not.

My boyfriend has had a few more interviews than me. He has also got offered a job at a bank. He also got offered a job within the marketing field. So, I am excited for him.

I am in a slump. I decided to look online about how to get my start in the medical field. The internet offered me no help. I have been slightly considering EMT classes, Dental Assisting classes, ASN school. I am desperate to be in this field. However, I need to find the job that will be right for me. I need to find the one that I will make a lot of difference in and feel fulfilled in, right? The truth is, other than I know that I want to be in this field, I have no idea what I want to do. I am lost. I am praying for some enlightment.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sneak Look at My Store

Hello, loves! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day. Mines was ok. Did not eat that much. I have been mostly working on my store. I am so excited!!!

I want to announce the new pair of earrings that I have created. These earrings will be available for sale. They are available NOW if you want to shoot me an email about the following pair or anything else that you are interested in.
I absolutely love these. The studs are 1&1/4 inch in diameter. They will be going for $8. I believe that these are a steal. Years ago, I saw something like this, about this size and with these colors with a different design and they were $40! No thanks!!!

My store is still not available to online shop; HOWEVER, it is online and you can VIEW it! Like I said, the checkout is unavailable right now. BUT if you are interested in anything you can email me.
Here is the website:
It is still in the developing stages, but there it is. September 30th is still the official date where everything should be in working order. If you are interested in anything, please contact me:

Accessory designing has always been this hobby of mines, and now I get to share the love.

Well, thanks for reading this post and I will see you next time!!!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick update!

So, I have received my official letter stating that I have been accepted into grad school. #excited!!!!! So I cannot wait until I start that in January. I will begin my journey into counseling/psychology ASAP. I have learned that I do not have to do any interning with it, so I am much more excited about it, because internships prolong school. I am ready to become more and more educated. I have also received word that I need to send my graduate score off to this school, so I am going to get on the ball with that, lol. I am going to have to send my transcript to this community college in which I am taking additional classes from so that I can continue my education in the health profession. So, I am going to get all of this squared away soon. Hurricane Isaac has stopped me in my tracks, so I have found myself writing this blog to update everyone on what is going. I have not found a job in my field, but I have returned to my job back the school. I am a student worker, assisting children with tutoring and after school activities. Yay, children, not! But it is a job, so I have no complaints. I only get paid once a month, so I am going to start saving money because, ONE - I want to start christmas shopping early; TWO - I want to vist my boyfriend in a few months; THREE - I want to start making yearly payments towards my student loans. I have other things that I would like, a new hood dryer and hair products and clothes and shoes, but I am going to hold off so that I can pay for what I really need.  OH! Also, I am going to have to pay for community college classes out of the pocket plus gas. So, yea. I do not feel productive because I am not in school this semester. I do not feel like a student. I do not feel like me because I am always reading and studying and learning. Well, I have decided to use this free time to do three things hopefully: ONE - to work full time so that I can put on my resume that I have officially worked full time on my resume, TWO - to do some type of volunteer work somewhere, THREE - to learn Spanish. Ok, about learning spanish; I have decided to make my resume stand out by using this entire semester to learn Spanish. I feel like by putting this on my resume by December, I will stand out when applying to jobs because I will be bilingual. The thought came to me when I had to take my father to a doctor's appointment. There were two people in the waiting room who did not feel comfortable talking about their issues in English because they did not feel like they could elaborate well in English. So a Spanish speaking nurse was brought out to the waiting room and assisted the ailing men with well-detailing their issues and all. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't I stand out on an application and resume by saying that I can speak English?" So here I am, I am a week into my lessons and I feel like I am doing a great job. Think about your futures. Ask yourself, "How can I stand out?" Maybe you already have what you need. I don't, lol.