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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A few updates, nothing special

If you do not know, I am working at my old job. It get about 12 hours a week. I get paid once a month. It isn't much, but this is where I am at right now. I still haven't heard anything from the people I interviewed for. Not one job. The jobs that promised to contact me regardless has failed to let me hear anything, regarldess of good or bad news. Ehh. I am at a standstill at the moment. However, I have received a pay check for the first time in two months. That was exciting. I almost forgot how that felt. Sadly, this little money has to last me until the next paycheck, October 31st. Heartbreaking, right? I work with an after school program. I work 2 and a half hours a day. I get only two hours on Friday. As of right now, this is my means of income right now. These few checks will be going towards Christmas presents (I have started Christmas shopping last week). So, other than seeing bright smiles on that glorious day in December, I will not see anything for myself until the first of the year.

I have agreed to work this job up to December. Because of my promise, I cannot pick up any other job in fear that it may conflict with this job. There are field trips planned from time to time, so I have to be available for those hours. I rather not mess a "good" thing. It is great that I have something, but I wish I was making waaaaay more money. However, this job grants me two great job references that I cannot allow myself to throw away. So I go to work, do my job, do my job well. I have a great attitude. I work with the children to the best of my ability. In the end, the money may not be what I want, but that is two job references that I have a clear mind about putting on my resume.

I am still not in school. I cannot wait until January. I will have work to do. I will be taking classes. Since the summer has been over, I have fallen into this mundane routine. I wake up, eat a small amount, watch a lot of tv, clean up, go to work for 2 hours, come home, watch more tv, eat a little more, go to sleep. That is my life. I am quite bored with it and I am ready for a change. That is why I cannot wait until school starts. Not only will I be taking grad school classes, but I am trying to take some science classes at a community college. I am too excited. There are days where I want to wish all of this free time away and get right into my classes and continuing with my life.

For some bad news, I am not opening my store like I have planned on. There have been a few personal issues that I have been trying to take care of at home. There is so much going on. I cannot elaborate on any of it right now, but all I can say that the events that have taken place lately have caused me to commit ALL of  my attention to it, none towards opening and expaning my "business". There will be a blog in the near future that will explain EVERYTHING that I am going through right now. But until then, I have to put a few things aside until a later date, one being the store. I am so sad. :(

To keep my mind off of the fact that I am not where I promised myself I will be at, I have been doing alot of mind-numbing web surfing. It is great to move your hand on an object that can practically take you anywhere. After doing lots and lots of random google searches, I stumbled upon This website alerts you of all of the arts and crafts fair, festivals and bazaars in an area near you. Well, me being addicted to arts and crafts, I have decided to scribble down a few that were near me. In the end, I wrote down 8 events that are taking place near me. However, I  decided that I am going to at least 5. I want to see what these vendors look like and how they do things. I want to see how these shows work. Maybe one day, I can build the courage up to be a vendor myself one. I cannot wait, The first one will be in October. I have marked them all down in my calendar. I am going to take plenty of notes. Maybe this will help me to decide whether or not I should keep my hobby a simple hobby or share my love with the world.

My dreams have hit a rough patch right now; I have been knocked down.
When I am knocked down, its their fault.
If I stay down, its my fault.
So, I am slowly getting back up on my feet.
Until next post...

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