How Long I Have Been On My Journey

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bad News :(

I definitely hate typing this particular blog post, but my blog journey would not be genuine without discussing the hardships and rejections that one may encounter during their career journey. With that said, I am forced to spell it out to my readers...that I did NOT get accepted into grad school.
This was one hard pill to swallow.

I received the news sometime late last week. Through email, I was alerted that my application was received WAY after the commitee decided on who they wanted in their program WAY before the deadline. Sadly, I was amongst the ones not picked to start graduate school in the Fall. This sucks. I felt like I did everything I was supposed to. I have invested so much money into applying for this school and taking tests, only to be let down. *sighs*

Another devastating blow is the fact that this was the only graduate school I applied to. So, I have no Plan Bs. Also, not being in school will cause me to lose my insurance. Most of the grad school fall due dates have passed; however, there is one small glimmer of hope that I could take up an online degree. At this point, I really don't care where or how. Just let me get in soon, please.

I am trying to remain hopeful because my cousin will be leaving for pharmacy school in two days. I want to remain hopeful that I, too, can pull it through and get into someone's school; a school of what I really want to do. She keeps me hopeful because she was an underdog for a while. No one believed that she would do it.

Now I feel like the underdog. I feel like I have let myself down. I have really learned a valuable lesson in procrastination. LOL. I have also learned a lesson in having plans. Even though my main plan sounds like an awesome plan, there are possibilities that the one you have your heart set is not the one for you. I have learned that now. But secretly, I don't even know if I ever wanted to go to grad school. This blow to my ego has really allowed me to reevaluate myself and what I want in a career. I have realize that I am so lazy as far as getting to the title. It seems like I just want the title: grad student, professional employee, career woman, etc. Do I even want to work for it anymore? With every approaching day, the answer is I do not feel like doing a thing. I want to lay in bed and pout about how I do not have a job and now how I am not in school and I have no plan Bs and that I will be in parents' house forever. UGH! That last one makes my stomach hurts just thinking about. However, regardless of how bad I do not want to work for it, if I want it...I will work for it.

So, I may have been knocked down this round, but I am still in this fight. Don't count me out yet. But do pray with me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Entrepreneur in the Making!!! is a long word. With this long word comes so much work, ambitions, big dreams and wishes of bigger successes. I, Alexis, want to become an entrepreneur. What is my speciality. I have always been that person who loves doing things with my hands, love making things, love showcasing my things.Why not let that be my job?

When I was in college, I could hardly do my work from thinking of things to make: jewelry, clothes, bags, paintings, drawings, etc. Whatever came to my head, I was willing to try it. Sadly, my collections is extremely limited, due to the fact that I gave away entirely TOO much of my goodies. But I am going to bring it all back. I am not only going to make this available for my friends and family. I am going to make my things available for whomever. That is why I have decided to make my online accessory store. The store is actually in the making. I have a website. I have a couple of items listed. However, I want this site perfect for my customers. I want everyone to be able to move from one page to another with ease and without confusion. That is what I have been working on, smoothing out all the kinks. Also, I have yet to trademark my name. Until, then I am keeping the name of the store a secret until I get that straightened out. I have stated before that I want the official store opening to be September 30th. I have a long list of other things that I am trying to accomplish before that date. Nothing says get it done like a due date. I have to trademark the name, have the website functional, have a blog to go along with the store at least five to ten products on there buy JULY 31-AUGUST 1. WHOO! That is coming up on me fast.

Why am I doing all of this? I come from an area where I see people come up with ideas and/or are good with their hands, but they do not seem to have the fight in them to make it into something. Some of these same people are sitting in the same spot wondering "What if ?" I wish that person would have got her own hair salon, or that guy opened a barber shop. I wish he would opened a mechanic shop or this girl open her own housing cleaning business. I support small businesses. Don't get me wrong. There have been a few things opened in my area by young men and women. I am extremely proud of these people. I wish more can step up and stand out from the crowd.

The negativity is like a knife through butter, to me. I once told someone that I wanted to start this business with accessories. She told me that no one would buy my things because of this and that. I don't even remember the exact reasons. It just hurt for her to tell me that it was not going to work so I rather just go to school and do something that is realistic. It was like someone ripped my soul out. However, I got over it. Why? Because she told me to do something realistic. I am. I applied for school. I am about to start getting my masters, soon. I save money. That's realistic, also. I also dream. That is something that actually happen. So, I am dreaming about my business and I am in the process of making my business, which is also my dream, a reality. This is why my business has been MY BUSINESS. Catch my drift? I do not tell anyone a thing, because I do not want their input right now. I do not need pointers. I do not need naysayers. I do not need anything. I want to get it on my own. If I fail, then I fail. But my dream is not to become rich from it, but only to be able to say that I was able to get me an online store off the ground. Here, I am telling you exactly what I want to do and here, I am about to work on things going into my store right now. So, I am signing off. But you continue to dream. Because dreams are step one to a reality.
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Graduate School Packet Officially Delivered!!!

It was an awesome feeling to drop off my packet. It was delivered Monday on the 3rd. It felt a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. However, I was still worried about my score. I ended up talking to a friend of a friend. He is also in this same field. He told me that he believes that my score is more than high enough, higher than the school's minimum score. I was elated to hear that, but I still do not know what is the specific score the school is asking of me. All I do know is that my packet was turned in on the 3rd and the due date is the 15th. I am at home, definitely relaxing. Also, I went around the school, checking to see if all of my paper work is in and everything is ok. I got the green light for everything. So, I have little worries right now. However, I am still playing the waiting game on getting accepted or not. Fingers crossed.