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Friday, July 6, 2012

Graduate School Packet Officially Delivered!!!

It was an awesome feeling to drop off my packet. It was delivered Monday on the 3rd. It felt a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. However, I was still worried about my score. I ended up talking to a friend of a friend. He is also in this same field. He told me that he believes that my score is more than high enough, higher than the school's minimum score. I was elated to hear that, but I still do not know what is the specific score the school is asking of me. All I do know is that my packet was turned in on the 3rd and the due date is the 15th. I am at home, definitely relaxing. Also, I went around the school, checking to see if all of my paper work is in and everything is ok. I got the green light for everything. So, I have little worries right now. However, I am still playing the waiting game on getting accepted or not. Fingers crossed.

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