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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Miller's Analogies Test and My Mississippi Interview

It has been a while since I have been on. I have had a lot on my mind: grad school, current job, finding a new job, my relationship and the MAT. I have been worried that I would not meet the deadline for the things that I have to turn in for grad school: two recommendation letters, a resume, an awesome narrative, grades transferring, etc. Well, thankfully my grades have been confirmed as of this Monday as being at the school. That's one weight lifted. I have been worrying myself about these recommendation letters. I have finally received one Wednesday and I will get my other next Monday. The other things have yet to be completed. I am working on everything else this weekend. MY DEADLINE IS TO TURN EVERYTHING IN MY NEXT MONDAY, JULY 2nd!!! The official deadline is July 15th. So, it is getting down to the wire. I took the Miller's Analogies Test today. I registered too late for the GRE. However, I do have this option of the MAT...AND IT IS 50% CHEAPER!!! So, I took it. It was hella hard, lol. However, I did score 14 points from average. I was disappointed but I feel better about it. Right now, I am worried about getting accepted. I had my job interview this pass Tuesday. It was nothing that I expected. First, lol, let me say that I applied for this job May 29th. I got the call June 20th. Whoa!!! Lol. I forgot I applied for this job. But the job was for a case manager position. On June 26th, I drove to Gautier, Mississippi for this interview. Personally, I was intimidated by the responbilities of this job. I felt like I would be over my head with what I had to do: which is keeping good records of mentally ill clients and their medications and current mental faculties. Ehh... I have YET to hear back from the hospital on that Lab Assitant job. Also, they took the listing down. I would love to know if they want me or not so that I could keep it moving. I want to find a job in my field. HOWEVER, by August, if I have not found a job, I will almost take any job, lol. BABY NEEDS SOME MONEY. Well, until next time.

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