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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Job Interview for Potential Job #2 is Scheduled!!!

Yesterday, I received a call about an interview in Mississippi. The place is about an hour and 25 minutes from my house. The job is a case worker dealing with the mentally ill. I saw the job listing in the classifieds in the news paper. I applied for this job in MAY, lol. But they did call me and asked for an interview. I have yet to hear from the lab assistant job I applied for. I will not know what to do if I am offered both jobs. I am going to this interview in Mississippi. Which job will I take? The lab assistant job was something that I was very interested in. However, the hours is nothing that I would really want to work. But I do get benefits, but the job will only pay 21,000 dollars a year before taxes. Another pro is that the job is about 35 minutes from my house. At the moment, I do not know what the case worker job in Mississippi pays, but I researched the pay on the internet, and it stated betweem 36-46,000 a year before taxes. It will be an hour and 25 minutes away from my home. Is it worth the drive and the gas? Even though my bachelors is in psychology, I am not interested in pursuing a life long career in this field. I was hoping that this would be something I could do on the side. However, I could do this now to get on my feet, get my feet wet and to put this experience on my resume. My dream career is the medical field. But I am getting my masters in Mental Health Counseling. Decisions, decisions. I would really appreciate some feedback and some advice. Please leave a comment. What would you do in my position???

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