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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seriously Beginning My Journey

My story begins with me graduating from my university May 11th 2012. I graduated with a Psychology degree with a biology minor. When I was in college, I was initially a biology major; however, I was speechless at the fact on how hard school really was. I decided to switch my major and minor, thinking that I would not need all of that science for what I wanted to do...medicine. Boy, I was wrong. I am missing crucial classes that would help me get into some program or some medical school. I was crushed. However, I was not too disappointed. I began my psychology degree and absolutely loved the material I was learning. I grew passionate about abnormal psychology and substance abuse. I have never made a C in my psychology courses. I cannot say that about my biology courses. I have like eight Fs, a few Ds, and not too many Cs. I did make a few As and Bs in those courses, maybe five. I sit here to this day, worried about whether I can get into someone's school with these grades I have. However, that is not going to stop me from going back and doing better in the classes that I did bad in and taking them over. Today, almost a month since I graduated from college, I have decided to go back and try to do better in some classes so that I can achieve one of my greatest dreams. I am applying to graduate school in Mobile, Alabama. I believe that I am going to seek a masters in Mental Health Counseling. I believe that I can really make a difference in this field along with the medical field. If I could, I would love to combine this field and the medical field together and make this super career for myself. I am waiting for my transcripts to be sent to this school. I am also waiting on two people to complete my recommendation letters for school. I am also procrastinating on this narrative I have to write. Also, I have to take the graduate school entrance exam....ALL OF THIS BEFORE JULY 15th!!! So, you can guess that I am a tad bit stressed, but I am willing to keep it together so I can get this done by the date. As far as what kind of physician I want to be, I really do not know yet. I love the ER scene that I watch on the reality trauma shows. I am also interested in physical therapy and dermatology. I am also interested in dental. I am also interested in labs in hospitals. I have thought about working in hospital labs as a life career for me. Do I have any idea how to begin any of these or how to eliminate any of these? Of course not, hahaha. However, I have not given up hope yet. So, follow me on this journey to bettering myself and furthering my career and cementing my place in the medical field. Oh, what a ride this will be!!!

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  1. Good luck! I'm starting graduate school in the fall too! I'll be following your journey.

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