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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting My Name Out There (But I Have No Name)

As you read in the title, I do not have an official name for my line of what I do, which is accessories. I do not believe I have blogged specifically about that yet. For your viewing pleasures, I present to you my line, that still has not official name. I have been working on a name for about four months. Right now, I have it under my Twitter name, but that will changed ASAP. I make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, keychains, bowties, headbands, hair accessories, and I am considering baby onesies now. I have known how to sew since middle school. I have been experimenting in jewelry making for almost a year now. I have made a few nice things, but I like I am at the point where I want to put me a website up and sell. I have been looking into buying a domain name. The lowest price I see is 7 dollars a year, which is not too bad. I also wanted to find a place or person who could make me a website. Well, I stumbled upon This is a website where artists can sell their creations. I am interested in this. They have monthly fees from free (with extreme website limitations) 9.99, 19.99 to 29.99 with the best settings offered. Its gives you the options to place between 3 to 5 photos of each item. I am excited. However, I have not worked on anything just yet to start making this website. I guess that I am not motivated enough. Well, one of my sorority sisters got in touch with me last night and told me that she was opening a consignment shop. She really like the jewerly I make and want to buy some different things to put in her place. I am too excited. I have told her to get with me so I can get her some things together. So with these two opportunities put my name out there. This has been one of my small goals, is to at least try to see if I can get my name out as an accessory designer. We will see how it goes. I believe that I am going to set me a date for when I am going to open this store though. So be on the look out. Until next post!

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