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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interview Today!!!

Like I mentioned in my last blog, I got a call about a job interview. It was today at ten o clock. I was so nervous. The night before, my boyfriend called me and he was so excited. He was trying to do a mock interview over the phone. He had me stump on possible interview questions. I did not sleep well. However, I got up this morning with semi-confidence and made the 30-40 minute trip there. I arrived at my interview kind of early, due to the fact that I was sure that I would get lost, and I did. So I was twenty minutes early. However, she started the interview immediately. I was only asked one question: Do you want to tell me about yourself? I told the truth, that ever since I was in high school I have always wanted to be in the medical field. She took me on a tour of the lab and she explained the job duties and responsibilites. Then, I met with her boss. I learn that her boss was the one who wanted my application reviewed and to summon me for an interview. So, I was excited to see and meet her because it gave me more confidence about the job. She concluding the interview saying that resume made me stand out. All and all, this was my very first interview since graduating college. I am excited about it, but it also made me realize that I am quite unprepared for these type of meetings. Next time, I will know how to sell myself better. I do not believe that I was assertive enough. If I do not get this job, I will be ready for the next interview.

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