How Long I Have Been On My Journey

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Boy, life is one interesting script. One day you find yourself following the strict set of goals and directions that you have aligned for yourself. The next thing you know, everything that you have foreseen yourself doing is completely non-existent now. How crazy is that? But if you find yourself in a relationship with God, you know better than to question anything that has been dealt to you. Thankfully, I have not questioned my God. But that doesn't mean that the road hasn't had me wondering, lol. But I keep the thoughts to myself and leave God out of them. I am keeping my faith through it all, because it is implanted in my spirit that blessings come with a drop of faith.

With that said, let me begin by telling you what has happened to me today. One, about ten o'clock this morning, I recieved a phone call to come in for an interview on Friday. Excited!!! I haven't been on an interview in a minute, I believe it was the beginning of July. So, this will be my first interview in August. I applied for this position last month around the 16th. I have hit a dry spell when it comes to finding a job. Lately, I may qualify and apply for one job a week. Sad, but I continue to look. So when this lady called, I was refreshed. It took me totally by surprised. I felt this swift kick in my rump to perk up. "There are people that are hiring out there," I told myself. The position is called Community Health Worker. Pretty much what this is one is an educator, adivisor and teacher of medical risks out there: AIDS, HPV, and not treating one's diseases and illnesse that they know that they have. A CHW would be in charge of making sure that they are educated on facts and resources available for them. It helps that I live in a neighborhood that I see where people rarely can afford to go to the doctors. I also live in this same neighborhood where young girls are not realizing the dangers to health consequences that subjecting themselves to. When I start reading about this job description, I was totally estatic. I would love this job. I will keep you updated on the interview and possible job status.

Two, my brother moved into his dorm to start his third year in college. While moving him in, I received two different emails. The first email was room was from here I applied to a Tech Assistant position at a hospital. I was denied that job opportunity. Then, I received the next email. Does Lab Assistant ring a bell? I interviewed for that job almost two months to the day (officially two months tomorrow) and I am just receiving word about that position TODAY! Wow.  I wasn't mad about that I did not get the job, but I am very upset that it took so long for me to hear anything about it. I am the type of person that when I interview for a job, I don't really put much into looking for a position because I do not want to turn anyone down if I already have a position. However, this grad school biz has taught me to have more back-up plans than a person waiting on there check to pay their bills on time, lol. I do not know if that was a good anaolgy or not. I tried. God closed that door, but he is constantly leaving me cracks of light through possible passages for myself.

Yesterday, I have been taking care of business to be in school in January. You know, sending paper work here and there and getting grades sent from here to there. I have a long way to go before I am completely through with admitting into schools, but it is keeping me busy. I am so thankful that I have the mind to continue despite the let-down.

My boyfriend had a job interview today at a bank. He said that his job interview went well, but the interviewer did something different. He said that he could tell through a sixth sense that he did not really see himself doing this for the rest of his life. True, my bf has a marketing degree, and he see himself in a whole different career. The interviewer told him not to settle for jobs but to continue to look for jobs that he see himself happy with. My bf said that the interview was a wonderful eye-opener. He may not get this job, but he was given the motivation to follow his dream. His motivation shot through the phone and struck me. I am ready; let me find my job, please.

So, I thank God for this date, August 7th, 2012. It has been exactly what I needed to keep this soldier fighting.

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