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Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Rejection Post LOL

LOL. I love the title. Isn't it motivating? Maybe not, but I am still pushing on. What is going on with me now??? Well, I am going to apply to three schools soon. So I am going to find out all of their requirements and deadlines soon so that I can get to working on that asap. Another thing I am working on is finding a job. I have so many plans on what I am going to save for which leads me up to my next thing on the list. I am going to take some type of certification class so that I can get some experience in the medical field. So I am going to work on that.

I have been working on getting into a few schools. It is so costly. But my future education is an investment. So, I am pushing hard to keep myself motivated so that I can keep on trucking. During this time, I have found myself wanting to read devotions. It has really helped me through this short period of time, because I could feel myself want to sink into isolation. But I am overcoming and still my usual self, but I am more motivated. Today, I have made preparations to send off more information to one school. I am still doing more research about other schools. Plan Bs, Cs, Ds and even Es are necessary now.

Yesterday, I read in the paper where there will be a job fair in another week. I am making preparations to attend it. It is a company that deals with mental diseases and substance abuse. It also deals with other issues. I have applied there countlessly with no contact made about coming to interview for a job or that the position was filled. However, I further read that if you have applied online, you have the opportunity to interview for one of their countless positions ONSITE!!! I am excited. I am trying to put my game face on and mentally prepare myself now.

I am also considering another certification program just in case. This rejection experience has taught to have plan Bs and to keep my options open because regardless of what seems like it will fit your life right, it may not be what is in the master plan that is written by someone else. That is another thing that I have been working on: inspirationals and devotionals. I have been trying to increase my faith because I have been honestly lacking on my faith in God. I am woman enough to admit it. I have been at it for a couple of days. What I will do is light a candle and get in a quiet place, say a prayer before I do my reading, do my reading while taking a few notes and pray right afterwards. It is very peaceful, and I am learning so much. I cannot wait until I make it a beautiful, consistent habit.

In other words, this school has denied me access into their program, but I was not denied access in life. I have no reason to stop what I am doing just because I have faced one of my first real rejections. But boy did it sting, lol. Anywho, life goes on, and I am going with it.

Until we cross paths again...

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