How Long I Have Been On My Journey

Monday, August 13, 2012

Things are Looking WAY Up

At the moment, I am so happy to say that I have turned pretty much everything that I need to have my grad school application reviewed. I am so excited because I am ready to get my life on the appropiate path. It feels weird that I am not in school this semester. I feel like I am about to lose my mind. Also, my mom is on my back about how she has to have an input in everything I do. o_O Where does this crap come from? I am 24 years old and my mom is calling herself telling me what I should do. Ugh!!! I know I need to be finding me somewhere to go soon. I thought I would be happy at home, but I have did nothing but regretted the fact that I did not save any money to stay out of the house. So,  I am here trying to pick up the pieces so that I can lead the life that I want and that God has in stow for me.

But I am not going to write about frustration. I am writing about the ups that I have been encountering. One, I had an interview a few days ago. The interview was pretty good. I was very nervous. I could tell that I was wreck, but I answered the questions to the best of my professional ability. I am supposed to hear a call back whether or not I have made it to the second part of the interviewing phase or that I am have been dismissed as an applicant. Regardless of the ending result, I am so thankful to have my third interview since graduating college.Two, I am going to a job fair tomorrow. I have applied to several jobs at this one facility, with no calls back nor any emails. Well, the job fair flyer mentioned that anyone who has applied online will have the opportunity to have an onsite interview. I am very excited about this, but my mom was questioning the hours and telling me what she did not want me to do. Here we go again. :( I almost let her talked me out of going to this job fair, but I am going to go. Three, I have received anothr call today about a separate job opportunity. The person who called me viewed my resume online. I did not apply for this job. But I am thankful to be considered for this position. It is an insurance company.

So far, none of the above mentioned points are what I am truly interested in. I have found myself in a job searching slump. However, I have decided that I am not going to settle for a job. I am going to continue to search until I find that perfect job for me. My mom really does not want me to find a job. That is not going to work. No job and no school this semester, I will go absolutely crazy.

More about school: I am awaiting word about my acceptance or not at this new university that I have applied to. I will be receiving my degree entirely from offline. I really wished that I could be in the classroom for my masters; however, the school close to my house did not accept me and will not be taking applications again until summer 2013. I refuse to sit around that long and do nothing. I am also going to start catching up on my science classes from a local community college. I am so excited about this. My only issue is that I can dedicate time fo all of this. But I am believing God that a way is already made for me and that I have to find my way and I will be free.

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