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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Job Fair and GREAT NEWS!!!

Well, I went to a job fair today. LOL! That is my summary of the entire day. It wasn't this off the wall event. It was actually very structured. You will see why I laughed in a minute. The story starts off with me waking up EXTRA EARLY, not one of my strong points. Well, I make it to the career center where the job fair is held. The job fair only consisted of one mental behavior company. I signed in and sat down. When it started, we had orientation. Ok, the orientation was awesome....UNTIL we got to the part about how much each position paid. So, the main position I applied for was the first one he describes....$8.55 an hour. I had to laugh. There was no way that I could drive all of that distance for eight dollars. Not to mention that they job I would have would be the most dangerous and risky position. Yea, I am not ready for that.  I am not trying to be picky at all. But what was extremely funny was that the national starting pay was double that. Yea, that was not going to work for me. But luck would have it that I have applied for countless other positions for this company. So, it was at that instant that I was now interested in my next possible highest paying position. Everyone who was there received an interview. I was like number eight. Once I sat down for my interview, I was nowhere near nervous like I thought I would be. I was first interviewed by a man who sort of broke the ice for the main interviewing process. Next, a woman interviewed me. Here is where it gets extremely funny to me. First, she told me that my resume told her that I did not know what I want to do with my life because I had jobs all the place. I have had 5 jobs in six years: tutoring, RA, cashier, internship and student working. I did not understand how she would get that crap from my resume that I did not have an idea what I wanted to do with my life. Next, she told me that I was underqualified for the position because I did not have any entry level experience. Ok, see this is what gets to me. How in the world am I suppose to obtain 3-5 years of entry level experience when I have spent five years in school trying to achieve a degree so that I can get a better paying job? It is like people were born with years of experience and that they forgot the struggle of achieving an entry level position. She also told me that I did not qualify for the position because my competition automatically blew me out of the water due to experience; however, not as much education as me. She ended the interview by saying exactly this, "So, this is what you are going to do: You are going to leave here today with no job. You need to get yourself together as far as some type of job experience and some specific volunteer work. Go back online, read the job descriptions carefully and call me when you feel like you got it together." I smiled, shook her hand and left. LOL! There was no reason to be mad. Some of the things she said were semi-correct. I do need to work on achieving the job that I really want to do, which that was not it. I took it as a lesson; if I really wanted that job, I would have been way more disappointed. I am just disappointed that my resume supposedly says negative things about me. But I cannot please everyone. I am grateful for the opportunity where I was dismissed like that. I know that sounds crazy, but rejections helps me to gain a thicker skin because I do not like being  rejected. So it is a personal challenge to myself. Also, it makes me look at what I am trying to accomplish in life a little harder; I want a job in the medical field, and I should try to aim for that than just anything.

On the way back from the job fair, I was on the phone with my boyfriend and telling him about my hilarious experince. As I was talking, I received an email alert on my phone. Upon reading it, I realized that the email was from the new university that I have recently applied to. They wrote me to tell me that I have been ACCEPTED into grad school!!! Yippee!!! Life is awesome. I am so grateful for the opportunity to say that I am a grad student. I do not start until January, but somewhere on record it says that Alexis will be attending graduate school. Words cannot express how happy I am. When I returned home, I received a letter from the first university that I attended which said that I have officially been turned down for grad school there. Doors were closing on me, but I am thankful that other doors have opened for me.

I have decided not to interview for the insurance company position on Thursday. I received an email stating that I can return back to my old job right here five minutes from home. My first goal is work this position so that I can official put on my resume that I have worked a full time job for anyone who has a problem with my resume in the future lol.


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